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​Why do we never have enough time?
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​Why do we never have enough time?

​How is your 2021 priority list doing? With three quarters of the year gone, are you three quarters of the way through it? By now we all have a pretty good understanding that we need to prioritize our work and time. That is the easy part. The first critical question should be how many days in a year do I have to really focus on the priority list?

Let's take a look at what I mean. For example, of the 365 calendar days available let's remove weekend days, vacation days, federal and religious holidays, travel days, industry days, meetings, and corporate wide budgeting days, you are left with less than 140 very busy work days a year to work on your priorities. These work days are also tasked with navigating through fever-pitched global competition, rapidly shifting customer demands, the relentless drive to increase productivity and pressure from above for radical organizational restructuring.

No wonder we are working 24/7, are stressed and sometimes miss our own objectives and those of the company. If you are fantastic at prioritizing and time management, there is a case to be made for the high levels of work related stress we all experience given the actual time we have to work our objectives in a year.

Successful executives require more complex skill sets, tested against real world challenges, than those outlined in business self-help literature. The just-in-time aspect of Executive Coaching may provide an unbiased perspective, a safe space to hear your own voice and to explore deeper learning - about yourself, how you're perceived, and where you can improve.